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Sunday, August 11, 2013

tech take 2

We teched Ackt II,was pretty solid except for one brainfart. Just one of those moments where I totally forgot where we were.  I got back on track quickly.

The space available on the sides is a  Lot more compact than that of the rehearsal room, so that made for an evening of thinking rather than doing.  Glad I got that out of the way.

The set looks like something you would see in a German theatre, but the projections really put it on a different level.  We are then allowed to tell the story, not some "conzept" going on.  Just acting and really expressing the text. No room for American made Italian opera here.

Finally seem to have gotten over the reflux.  I just have to remember that the g nats have to be so bright, and sound so spread to my ear that it makes me want to vomit.  The danger of this role, vocally, is its tessitura.  The tendency for me is to revert to baritone. Can't do it. It will rip you a new one and make you like it.  Makes you sound weak to yourself, but it's easy, and I really ring and thrust into the house.  Plus, the Helden sound is there. I don't need to press that. Just relax and do what I do.  Del Monaco is a great teacher...

This is a first rate cast, and is an authentic WAGNERIAN cast. Everyone is spot on for their role. SPOT ON. You won't hear it like this, even in Seattle. And definitely not at the MET.

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