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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Die Walkure day 8

Been here a week and I have to say that this is the most physical role I have ever done. Bar none. I  carry around a pretty heavy broadsword while singing dramatic music that sits in my passaggio, rolling around on the floor with Sieglinde, then a screamfest with Brunnhilde,  then a big fight with Binding, then a pretty emotional death. This also includes a pretty intense love thingy with Sieglinde that has to read past the orchestra.

I get a rest day to get my strength back.  Those that have worked with me in the past will understand my energy/intensity level. But it also means I have to work triple hard to not get tight in my neck and push the voice.

One really has to understand that you sing Wagner like it's Schubert, or Mozart...but on steroids.  You sing it lyrically and the rest will take care of itsself

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