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Friday, August 9, 2013

tech rehearsal 1

Pretty solid night tonight. We ran Act 1, which my portion is about 42 minutes (uncut is an hour fifteen).only had stops in my last aria/monologue "Siegmund gross rich" due to lighting cues and my placement. The problem is I am running up and down a sixteen foot, narrow stairway.  Other problem is that the lower stairs are on rollers and they do move.

Started very well tonight vocally.  I thrust out into the hall really well.  Only problem is this cursed reflux that I cannot seem to shake, no matter what I try.  No matter the work I did before coming here, everything has totally changed, and I can really feel the mucous when I get to f#. I literally fight to find my tessitura and voice every day. It just feels so hard.

Still, I had to sing the highest portion of the role, "So blühenden, Wälsungen blut" six times. It is the only A thatthat Siegmund sings. First time massive phlegm, afterwards, money.  It is so bad I get depressed about singing a role I was singing th poo out of before I got here.  And nothing I do helps it get better.

Oh well, it will be what it will be, and I perform the pee out of this role. Just have fun, give it to God, and perform.

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