This site is a special place for my students, friends and colleagues. I will share thoughts, and I will also share musical examples on this site.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

First Blog-ging

Just a place for me to put down thoughts on singing as I make my transition from baritone to tenor, and regarding my teaching.

January 29

Great day of teaching. I am always astounded by my students at UVA. There is better talent there than at most conservatories in this state. It is raw, like I was at that age, but it is good. The same is true for VCU, but they recruit to that aim, unlike UVA

I have so many talented young men at both UVA and VCU. I was never able to recruit this kind of male singer, in bulk, at uat like I find here. I have two very good tenors at VCU, one fine one at UVA, and several good baritones at both schools.

I am most pleased with my young ladies at both schools. They continue to grow and do the things I ask. Honestly, I have an embarressment of riches...

Well, what I am most pleased with is that they are getting to the point where they can really make music with the instruments that God gave to them. That is SUCCESS.