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Saturday, August 17, 2013

opening night

I have been pretty nervous about opening night for a week and a half.  Never before have I had problems with G Nat,  but it has been bothersome since I git here.  Could sing it until I got to the theatre. Weird. The A Nat has not been a problem at all. AT ALL.  Maybe it's due to singing the role ten days in a row, then compounding it by singing it thru twice a day before each run...

But last night, I nailed it!!  Prayer works. I was calm, and just happy to be there, and I had fun!    I am finally willing to trust and even make an ugly sound. Pretty dang freeing.

Siegmund is an incredibly, deceptively hard role to sing.  Yes, it's the lowest of Wagner's Helden roles, but that's what makes it so difficult. When the role moves from lyric to dramatic in the "Siegmund heiss ich", , it pounds at the E Nat thru F# corridor.  Pavarotti was correct that the chords must stay fresh in this area, but he never sang this rep.  The intensity makes you work overtime to stay calm and and lyric through the passaggio.  If you don't, you are incredibly screwed.

Don't think because this role is low that it's easy...that will show what an uninformed, uneducated idiot you really are.

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