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Monday, July 29, 2013

Walkure Day 1

Today I sang Siegmund all the way the way thru (with the cuts) with other singers.....God it was fantastic!!

The cast is very fine.  And the voices are right!  Absolutely RIGHT.  my head was ringing like mad when we finished.

Amber Smoke, my Sieglinde, is going thru the same type of Fach switch I am.  But she sounds beautiful.  Truly a smoky, rich color and very vibrant.  Just like Alexandra Lopiccolo' s, our Brunnhilde.  A real pack of dynamite.

Our Hagen, Nathan Whitson from Kansas City is an imposing bass with a beautiful top. Reminds me of Kevin Bell.  The last scene, our fight, is pretty exciting.

Tim Bruno is our Wotan, and I love hearing him. There is a great color and snarl that truly works for Wotan.

Gonna be a great run!!

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