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Saturday, July 10, 2010

What a lesson!!

This week has been pretty phenomenal, actually, and things have been coming together very nicely vocally. NOW I am able to bring all the other aspects of performing together with the voice. YES!!!!!!!!

Today, I put it all together at my lesson. ALL together! The support, the space....wow!

Fifteen minute warm up, then into Celeste Aida. One little correction in the beginning of the recit, then , off we go. Jackson stops me to correct one word, "tuo" since I didn't sing the [o], but the aria goes like clock work. All B flats are nailed, and sound great, with some nasty squillo. Piece feels like I was born to sing it.

Then, of all thing, Jackson makes me sing "Il mio Tesoror", then "Un aura amorosa", then "Dies Bildnis." Ouch. That is a pretty tough workout, but nailed them.

Then we decided to do more. "Ingemisco " from Verdi's Requiem, "Amor ti vieta", "Nessun Dorma", then finished with "Vesti la giubba".

THAT was a workout.

I sang like a king. Lord, it was FUN!!

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